Monday, September 7, 2009

my first blog on my least favorite holiday && an outfit of the 'night'!

Hey y'all! So after months of being a beauty/fashion blog lurker...I decided to join in. :) Since I'm obsessed as they get. What better day to start my blog than Labor Day. Why Labor Day? Because I cringe whenever I hear the phrase..."no white after Labor Day"...just rub it in. I think people are stricter about this down South && that makes no sense to me because Summer can stick around all the way to October here! I actually remember a 75 degree Christmas in '03? I know the rule applies mostly to shoes(and pants and bags....). But I hate fashion rules. ESPECIALLY this one. I think it all comes from the movie 'Serial Mom'...which I saw at age 7? So that's probably why I have an issue with it...I was traumatized. Haha, Saturday night I was trying to pick out an outfit and my friend had to say..."it's the last night to wear white..."(I have an 8am test tomorrow, so I won't be out celebrating tonight, ha). I didn't reach for the white pumps or white skinny jeans, but below's a pic because I LOVE outfit of the day/night posts...I'd put up todays, but I'm about to go to the gym && that's not a very good first impression! Thanks for stopping by!

In case you're wondering...expect a lot more of me in white to come(just not in the form of shoes...or a bag...til Easter)'s hot down here y'all!


  1. Everytime I think of labor day I think of "you can't wear white after labor day". I don't agree with this either. Out of spite I'm going to wear white tomorrow! Welcome to the blogging world :)

  2. Cute outfit!

    Eve sounds like a cute costume! I made that costume but ended up being something else. Its a bikini top with leaves. If you want, I could send you a pic of it... if you like it I'll mail it to you for free. I'm not skinny enough to ever wear it LOL

  3. Cant wait till you get some posts up :) You're so gorgeous! :) xx

  4. Ooo! Lacy I def want to see what your costume looked like! && Thanksss Lorien!<3