Tuesday, September 8, 2009

blonde brilliance in the bathroom

So my new apartment is pretty big...in the common areas...bedroom && bathroom? Not so much. I'm used to having a 'vanity' where I keep EVERYTHING, but every inch of my bedroom is packed && the area around my sink can hold a can of hairspray and a toothbrush (exagerrating? only a tad). So I had to get one of those tall bathroom...space saver...things? Problem is, I had to put it together, all by myself(because I HATE asking for help). I didn't even know they made different types of screws & screwdrivers && I have NO idea why in 2009 things don't just come pre-made?? But, after major insomnia I got this thing all put together at 4am a couple nights ago. Almost all put together....except for the front of the shelves where they curve and you have to fit a screw through a straight pole into a curve(UM, is there a reason the shelves curve...as if they couldn't just keep everything streamlined and easy?! who comes up with this stuff.....). I tried and tried and chipped every nail, but like we learned at the ripe old age of 3 you can't fit a square into a circle && this was the issue. So, instead of chucking the whole thing I had the brilliant idea to combine function && pink. Instead of screwing the straight side into a curve(that doesn't work...unless you've got a torch...and I totally can't find mine!)...I tied the curved shelf to the straight side with hot pink ribbon...&& I gotta say you'd never know I had no idea what I was doing. :)

When I'm frustrated(like, uh today) I do MAD cleaning, so I took the pic after taking everything off to reorganize, but it's been holding everything for a good 3 days now, so I call it a Success!


  1. I love it and the touch of pink bows is so cute...I actually need to get something for my bathroom as well...I'm still on the lookout...

  2. i hope you're better with a screwdriver than i am!! haha :)