Tuesday, September 22, 2009

let's talk...ta-ta's

...i've decided to get some. i've secretly thought about it for years, but i never had the guts to go ahead && just do it. there were a lot of random reasons holding me back; complications, social stigma, the end result, etc.. i wasn't originally going to tell anyone about this, but it's going to be an obvious change, so i figure why not open up and be honest about my experience. maybe i can help some of y'all... :). so while my "breast lust"(haha) had been ongoing since highschool i'd kept it to myself and went with denial. then one night i had a 'monumental' conversation with a guy. a douche bag-ish guy, yes, but he said something in his advocacy of me getting implants that just 'stuck'. it was 2am, i was sitting in my car in the parking lot of my apartment complex and we were just BSing and i confessed my secret wish. part of me wanted him to say, "oh anna, you're beautiful, boobs are no big deal", but instead he told the truth and it went something like this..."that's the 'thing' now && it would help you. you only live once && you only get one body, so you might aswell be as happy as you can be." the second part stuck, when he said "you only live once && you only get one body, so you might aswell be as happy as you can be." that's my motto with this experience. i decided i had nothing better to do for fall break && to go ahead && find a doctor. knowing my friends experiences with cosmetic surgery i know that they usually get you in pretty quick if there's an opening, so i found a doctor that had 20 years of experience(board certified && a member of several different associations) && scheduled a consultation for this past Monday. my parents had no clue && i'm in college, so i'm not exactly swimming in cash. i wasn't sure how i was going to make it work, but i knew i would. i went home for the weekend on Saturday and during the hour and a half drive up the emptiest interstate ever i called my mom and told her about the appointment. she took it...a lot better than i thought. i honestly thought she'd say no way(any surgery is serious and she's very protective), but surprisingly...she understood. we talked it out && got in touch with my daddy and told him the plan. hardest thing i've ever done. i come from a conservative family. i've never heard my daddy say the word 'sex', no one told me where babies came from, and i've never seen anyone in any part of my family kiss...unless it was a peck on the cheek of a 5 year old. we're just not open people like that. i expected a few reactions from my conservative Army daddy. a loud, "aw HELL NAW!" haha, or just a sarcastic brush off. but i came at him rationally(really hard for me btw) && expressed how much it would help my confidence && how much happier i'd be && to my complete SHOCK he understood. i'm honestly touched by my parents understanding because superficial anything isn't really their cup of tea(they've been trying to break my makeup addiction for ohhh 6 years now?). after 31 years of military service(and still goin...) that stuffs not on the forefront of his mind && my Polish mother is just so beautiful i felt like they couldn't relate. so, i felt blessed by their understanding and willing to help. Monday i went to the consultation which we will now refer to as the longest hour + of my life. My doctor was VERY sraightforward and to the point. We went over the different types of implants; saline and silicone. I'm going with saline(safer). We went over different ways to put the implant in; armpit, under the crease, or nipple. I decided to go under the crease because the incision would only be 3cm and unnoticiable, but going under the armpit would cause more scarring after having to get then redone years down the road, etc, and nipple? well...have you seen tara reid? then we talked profile; you can get high, medium, or low. i wanted high...bad. we also discussed size...the least. ultimately becase everyone in the office pretty much said no one's opinion counts...it's all about how you feel. when trying on sizes i was alone...so it was just me and my opinions. originally talking to friends i thought about 325ccs or 350ccs. a good friend of mine got 325 ccs and they look amazing, but our builds are very different. i have a swimmers body...broad shoulders...muscular back...and i don't swim?? the first size my eyes went to were the 400ccs and when i tried them on i really liked the look, then i tried the 425ccs && i wasn't so sure...maybe it was just the way i placed them in? you can't determine future "bra size" by the CCs apparently so i wish i knew what i'd be. originally i wanted to be a full C, but after hearing all my friends say that wish they would have gone bigger I'd really like to be a small D, I think that would suit my frame well. i'm currently a 32B, it'd be a nice jump. So that's the beginning of my new adventure. I really hope this post and the next few on my surgery help some of y'all out there...whether it's encouraging or discouraging...informative...or just a lil entertaining!
horrible picture of me(sorry, but i usually padded my bikinis so this is my only truly accurate one) on my 22nd BDay(hence the teeny tiara)...it was about 3am and we thought the hot tub was a great way to end a night at the EpiCentre....that's the BEFORE!
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 117
Measurements: 32B-23-33

Pre-OP: October 5th
Operation: October 9th!

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  1. Thats so exciting! Make sure you tell us how it turns out.. Im planning on getting a rhinoplasty in the next few years, ive hated my nose for YEAAARS, according to people its not bad, they dont cobnsider it big or ugly or anything, but as you said, its about how IIII feel :) Hope all goes well!

  2. good for you - I am the opposite I have DD boobs and wish I hadnt!
    Blokes talk to them and I cant go braless under a flimsy dress.
    My wish would be for a tummy tuck so thats on our list when we can afford it :)
    maybe a boob reduction too lol

  3. I tagged you in my "Music Tag" post just to let you know :) I followed btw xx

  4. This is interesting. Yes, I never thought of it that way. Now, even I am considering implants, haha! My mother would never go for it. She is scared of all invasive and unnecessary surgeries (she won't let me get eye surgery for lasik). Which is understandable. I am, too. That & the fact that I try to keep as many artificial things out of my body as possible (eating organic, using natural beauty products, etc) are keeping me from implants! Maybe after I finish having babies and my body begins to sag!

  5. Wow congrats on making the decision! How did it go?? I'm been curious about doing this myself, but never looked into it seriously.

    I followed :)

  6. Good luck to y'all considering this--if you have any questions && you're on twitter--DM me :)